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"I would like to take a minute out of my busy life to compose a quick testimonial and overall endorsement of my experience with Mike Nalu and The Nalu Law Firm, APC. I have had vast experience with attorneys in my personal as well as my professional life and I'm 100% confident in saying that Mr. Nalu is a different breed of attorney. Personable; I never felt like I was being spoken down to or in a way that only attorneys can comprehend. No legal jargon here. Mr. Nalu is well-spoken but did a phenomenal job to make me better understand my position and all my available options. Availability and Accountability; through our entire experience neither my wife nor I were ever routed to a voice message system or forced to leave a message with an admin or associate. Mr. Nalu was beyond attentive and punctual and returned calls and answered inquiries in a timely manner as promised. Professional; it was quickly apparent that Mr. Nalu obviously knows the law and takes tremendous pride in what he does. Ethical; unlike past experiences I left my legal situation feeling like I received tremendous value for my hard earned dollar as well as knowing that moving forward my family has an attorney in their corner that stands for honestly, base values and ethics. No one likes to be involved in litigious circumstances but they are sometimes inevitable, let your next be as painless as possible with the assistance of Mike Nalu." G.Z., San Diego

"Your foray into the California legal system can be one of the most disappointing, frustrating experiences of your life. You don't need a 'snuggle bunny' lawyer who will hold your hand. You need an experienced, knowledgeable advocate who will fight for you. There's no better choice than Mike Nalu. He took on two ethically compromised attorneys and, in one case, won damages for me; in the other, he prevented collection of unwarranted fees. He is the attorney you are looking for — the one head and shoulders above the rest." D.B., St. Louis

"As a small business, I have had to hire Mike Nalu's firm more than a few times to help us with our legal matters. I come back to Mike time and time again, because I trust him. He is efficient and effective with significant knowledge in his arena. I respect his strategic and fair mind, and appreciate his follow through and quick turnaround. I highly recommend Mike Nalu and his firm for legal needs." G.B., San Diego

"I had received not only bad advice but illegal advice by a lawyer in major law firm in San Diego. As a result, I suffered a significant financial loss from a workers' compensation claim against my company. My only recourse was malpractice against this particular lawyer and his firm. Mike Nalu skillfully identified the issues of my case and developed a methodical plan to present them to the defense attorneys. This strategy ultimately worked, forcing a resolution just prior to the court date. I was able to recoup a good share of my losses. Thanks Mike for a job well done." C.F., San Diego

"I am so happy to have found Mike. For over a year I was having problems with my Mom's neighbor and it was starting to turn ugly. I didn't really know what to do or what my options were. I contacted Mike and told him the situation and within 3 days we were on the path to a solution. Mike was so helpful, compassionate and knew EXACTLY what to do to put this unruly neighbor in his place and protect my and my Mother's property and rights. The words 'Thank You' just don't describe my gratitude for all that Mike did for me and my family. I'm a fan for life!" C.T., Santee

"I retained Mike in October of 2014 for a medical malpractice matter. Without his calm demeanor I wouldn't have got through this. I liked that he kept it real, never told me what he thought I might want to hear, just kept a very positive attitude. He was a pleasure to work with, I felt I was in very capable and knowledgeable hands. I would highly recommend The Nalu Law Firm, APC!" J.W., San Diego

"I retained Mike in November 2013 and again in September 2014, as my attorney recontract law matters on 2-3 legal matters. Mike is an effective communicator, without a doubt one of the finest attorneys I've met in San Diego. Mike is driven to achieve the best outcome for his clients as possible. Mike is calm under pressure, analytical and strategic in his approach to his client's legal dilemmas. Mike has a clear, strong understanding of law in order to best serve his clients. Mike is an honest guy with stalworth integrity and compassion for his clients. I am grateful Mike represented me in the 2 difficult legal situations on my behalf and would highly recommend him to all who seek an attorney who is mindful of client's needs and accomplishes 99% of those expected outcomes for his clients. Besides being an incredible counselor and attorney is a wonderful individual who loves the law, being there for his clients and his family! Kudos, Mike, and my sincere appreciation for all you done on my behalf!" S.F., San Diego

"Mike is a smart, straightforward and trustworthy attorney. His style is calm and steady which is important to me. Highly recommended." L.K., San Francisco

"I contacted The Nalu Law Firm, APC in October 2015 and had an extensive consultation about issues requiring experience in labor laws and in conflict resolution with attorneys. Mike has devoted his full attention to my issues, did an in-depth research and promptly returned to me with the results. Unlike some other attorneys I dealt with before, he made no attempt to 'sell' me services I did not need or to entice me into a risky and expensive litigation. His evaluation of my case was thorough and highly professional. His reasoning was logical using language readily understandable for anyone having no experience in legal proceedings. I know if I ever need legal assistance, Mike is going to be the first attorney I am going to call. I can highly recommend Michael of The Nalu Law Firm, APC for legal assistance in any stage of a case requiring the services of a highly qualified and fully dedicated attorney." L.R., San Diego


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