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Skilled Employee Representation

Every individual deserves fair treatment by their employer based upon the merits of their work rather than on their age, race, color, pregnancy, sexual orientation, ethnicity or gender. Workplaces allowing discriminatory practices to take place are in violation of the law, and employees can find redress for such behavior through administrative action and the courts.

Let the experience of the legal staff at The Nalu Law Firm, APC help you navigate the legal process so that you receive protection of your rights and receive compensation for any harm caused by discrimination or harassment in the workplace. It is our goal to help you understand the legal process before pursuing any legal action.

The Kind Of Employee Representation We Provide

We are well-prepared to try a wide variety of employee claims, including:

  • Workplace discrimination claims based upon race, color, ethnicity, gender, age and other classifications
  • Sexual harassment and retaliation cases, including ones involving a hostile work environment, unwanted advancements, requests for sexual favors and other matters involving inappropriate behavior by employers and staff
  • Wage and hour actions involving denials of fair wage compensation, including failure to pay minimum wage requirements, misclassification of job status, the failure to pay overtime wages, unreimbursed expenses and retaliation for reporting wage violation practices.
  • Whistleblower claims concerning wrongful termination and other retaliatory behavior on the part of employers concerning the reporting of illegal practices by employers or the failure to keep conditions at the workplace safe

We will analyze your circumstances and advise you regarding your available legal options. We will let you know upfront if we do not believe you have a strong case to pursue.

Providing Ethical Attorney Representation

Our reputation for providing quality and ethical representation is extremely important in our practice. Many of our clients come to us through referrals from past clients or other lawyers. While we handle cases for employees throughout the San Diego and Los Angeles metropolitan areas, we intentionally keep our caseload low. This allows for us to provide every case we try the kind of attention it needs.

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