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Patent Malpractice

Many attorneys representing plaintiffs in patent infringement suits find themselves immersed in patent law and intellectual property issues outside of their core areas of practice. Rather than admitting they don't have the legal knowledge necessary to aggressively protect their clients' rights, they forge ahead, frequently costing their clients significant legal and court fees without a positive resolution to the litigation.

Did Your Patent Litigation Attorney Fail To Protect Your Legal Interests?

The Nalu Law Firm, APC, in San Diego, California, has years of experience representing clients in patent malpractice cases involving plaintiffs who have lost financial interests due to their lawyer's malfeasance in patent infringement cases. Attorney A. Michael Nalu has earned a reputation for his commitment to integrity; taking an ethical approach to aggressively helping clients recover damages for legal malpractice when suing for patent infringement or violating licensing laws.

Patent litigation malpractice is a unique field requiring a highly specific base of intellectual property knowledge and case law. Losing a case against an infringing party does not necessarily mean the lawyer was negligent.

Patent litigation attorneys may be held liable for damages if they fail their clients in matters such as:

  • Overcoming challenges to the legal definitions and provisions of the patent
  • Establishing and affirming the scope of legal terminology
  • Recognizing how recent changes in the laws affects filing a continuation in part
  • Missed filing deadlines
  • Overbilling for hours, failing to record and provide reports for billable hours

Costs Matter
It is understandable that small businesses and startups will often be concerned about unplanned legal fees when protecting their patent rights. The Nalu Law Firm, APC structures its fees on a per-case basis, always developing a strategy that is individualized for the specifics of the circumstances.

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